Warehouse Services

SEMTEC helps you to search available electronic components fast and easy.After you enter a part number (or category), semtecllc.com will query all available distributors and response to you immediately. Over the years SEMTEC has been continuing to upgrade its warehouse management system.Its pick-and–ship operations is continuing to improve with an extremely low error rate.

The company believes in providing its customers the very best possible customer service and our excellent technical personnel and sales staffs are available to serve customer calls from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.


All of our products are 100% original and brand new. Sourced directly from reputable manufacturers and authorized distributors. We take great pride in offering high quality, genuine products to our valued customers.

Huge Stock

A vast array of electronic components. All readily available and in-stock, housed I multiple warehouses

Free Delivery

Free Same Day Delivery For Silicon Valley Customers


A 30-Day Quality Guarantee Is Provided. *Please Visit Our Policy Page To See More Details